Development Projects

Based on the mineral and industrial potentials in the Golgohar region, 32 development projects were planned and scheduled to be executed in different stages from 2012 to 2020.

Industrial Projects (by Golgohar Co.)

  • Construction of one crasher unit with 15 MTPY crashing capacity has already 50% progress.
  • The concentration Plant No.7 with 2 MTPY production capacity is also under construction.
  • Line No.4 concentration plant with 2 MTPY production was designed in 2008 to process the return fractions stocked from dry/wet processing plant and ROM (Run of Mine) was commissioned in 2011.
  • Pelletizing Plant: The construction of No.2 Pelletizing Plant with production capacity of 5 MTPY started on April 2012 and scheduled to be commissioned in 2016.

Industrial Projects (by Sister and/or Affiliated Companies)

  • Golgohar as the main shareholder participating in the following projects with its sister and/or affiliated companies.

Iron & Steel Development Company’s Projects

  • This Company started to construct the first DRI plant with 1.7 MTPY productions capacity on May 2011 which is already commissioned.
  • Pursuant to timely progress of the first DRI plant, the Golgohar Iron & Steel Development Co. started to construct No.2 DRI plant with 1.7 MTPY capacities.

Jahan Foolad Sirjan Company’s Projects

Contracts are signed by Jahan Foolad Sirjan Co., that Golgohar Co. has 51% 0f this company’s shares, for construction of the following plants :

  • One DRI (Sponge Iron) plant with one MTPY production capacity which is commissioned.
  • One melting and casting plant with one MTPY production capacity of Billet, with 40% progress, is under construction and due to be commissioned in the end of 2017.
  • Second DRI plant with 1 MTPY production capacity is under construction.
  • One rolled steel sections production plant with 500,000 TPY production capacity, which is in the stage of 80% progress, is under construction.

Gohar Zamin Company

Gohar Zamin Co., as one of the other Golgohar Co. sister company has started to construct the following industrial projects:

  • Two iron ore concentrator plants each with 2 MTPY production capacity (totally 4 MTPY), already commissioned.
  • One crushing unit with production capacity of 12 MTPY, which is in the stage of commissioning.
  • One concentration production plant with 2 MTPY production capacity is under construction and scheduled to be completed in 2017.
  • Contract for the Engineering services and Equipment Procurement of One 5 MTPY production capacity pelletizing plant, is signed and the relevant construction contractor is selected. This Plant scheduled to be commissioned within 32 months.

As the result of execution of the Development Projects, the Total production capacity in the Gogohar Complex, Sister and/or Affiliated Companies will be:

  • Iron Concentrate 20.5 MTPY
  • Iron Pellet 20 MTPY
  • Steel Sections 5 MTPY